This is a picture of Radha and Krishna.
God is one, but to enjoy loving pastimes He separates Himself into His male and female attributes, who eternally love each other in the original pure love relationship which we try so hard to imitate in our mundane world.

Radha and Krishna are not alone. They are accompanied by their dear friends, the pure devotees who reside blissfully with them in the eternal spiritual realm.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead has spiritual form, but He is not limited by that form as we are by ours. He can be in unlimited places at once, and expands Himself into unlimited forms, some identical and some a little different or very different.

The first expansion who is a little different is Balarama, who has a milk white complexion and who plays as Krishna’s brother, serving Him in many ways. The two brothers are cowherd boys in the spiritual world.

Balarama expands Himself into the majestic Vishnu forms with four beautiful arms. It is one of these Vishnu forms who creates the material world, and it is He who, for specific purposes, incarnates in many forms very different from Krishna the cowherd boy. But it is Krishna Himself who comes to earth as Krishna the cowherd boy.

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